Pivotal Synergy

Pivotal Synergy is the newest, privately owned, professional business leads organization.

cropped-PatricHeadshotWhite.jpg.jpgSince 2014, Pivotal Synergy programs have helped it’s members build business success, develop community leaders, establish friendships through personal referrals. PS members build relationships that will lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures, and referrals through effective networking. The main focus of Pivotal Synergy membership is based on the question, “How I can assist my fellow members in achieving their goals?”. “Give and Grow!”  Great referrals happen when you have gained a trust relationship and typically that requires time and attention. The exchange of referrals, and development of leadership skills through the exchange of valuable business strategies, ideas, and information that occurs in a PS meeting is designed to energize members while empowering them in becoming respected business leaders in their community.  Pivotal Synergy meetings incorporate seasoned proven methods and stellar business tools, towards providing a productive, positive professional leadership networking.

Resources You Trust

Receive priority attention from your PS resources with complete confidence and trust your referred clients have quality professional service.

Sales Force Meeting

Attending weekly meetings with the intention of referring to a member, insures strong bonds with your fellow members that will reciprocate in kind.

PS Business Tools

PS proven relationship marketing strategies, leadership skills and speaking opportunities. COMING SOON CRM and SE Adjunct Website.

Community Activities

PS members invest and participate in their local communities through hosting business workshops, seminars and professional networking events.

Business Leaders

The pivotal focus and synergy promotes achieving success through becoming Premier Leaders within the community, while forging lasting relationships.

Relationship System

The PS system and methodology in building strong business relationships requires training, practice and planning to insure your growing success
Pivotal SynergyPS stellar reputation and leading edge ideas are driving the word-of-mouth referral industry forward at bandwidth speed. Members are known for their professionalism, dedication. To stay vibrant, current and effective, business people need regular personal interaction more than ever. Pivotal Synergy Charters meet weekly to exchange qualified referrals, build solid business relationships, develop strong presentation skills and become proficient networkers. Founded on the principle of building strong business relationships through ethical and honest business practice. Meeting once a week, allows for current involvement and communication in developing alliances and resources, you can trust and rely on. Pivotal Synergy Vision Statement: Pivotal Synergy Business Development Group is founded on professionals of the highest integrity, honesty and professionalism, who are committed to developing relationships with other like-minded professionals with the intent of providing a higher level of service to their customers and clients. As individuals, we are leaders in our communities and authorities in our own professions and together, the service and value we bring to our customers is unmatched by our competition. Through the Networking synergy of combining our skills and talents through Networking, there are no limitations except the ones we place on ourselves.

Lynn and Katcho and Patrick Raymond

Patrick Raymond and gangIt was an honor to have Lynn Compton, Fourth District Supervisor of San Luis Obispo County speak to our PS membership.

We look forward to Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian  of San Luis Obispo to speak to our PS membership in 2016.

Who knows…you might be surprised who will attend!