Patrick Raymond,
Creative Director, Artist, Storytelling Public Speaker & Realtor®

Patrick Raymond embodies multiple skills a complete package that compliments and meshes “Old School” with “New Innovations Solutions”.

Patrick Raymond
Patrick Raymond

A background that demanded excellent communication skills, and customer service, along with a proven track record in management and supervisory positions has been key in developing the philosophy I believe captures the hearts and minds.

Many years of experience in: Marketing/Advertising, TV Broadcasting, Business Relationship Building, Leadership Development, Real Estate and Property Investment, Public Speaking. What I enjoy the most is the creative process. Each day I seek to learn in order to sharing bountifully in all aspects of my life.  A positive attitude toward always working in the solution is the solution.

The term “Renaissance Man” is defines as a person with a wide variety of interests and accomplished in multiple subjects within the arts, sciences, politics, business, and academia.

1. Renaissance who was knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields.

2. A present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.

As Creative director I provide years of knowledge of art and marketing to develop a consistent brand image for a company. The brand image may include the color, font and overall feelings associated with the brand. Knowledge of marketing techniques as well as knowledge of art and graphic design. In addition to the integration of marketing communication, advertising, public relations and digital media.

Not only marketing on the Internet an important part of the marketing plan, design for digital media is different than marketing for print. Designing for both, as their ultimate responsibility will include design for both mediums.

I assist business of all sizes develop a creative strategic brand designed to drive revenue and growth.
When you require someone with innovative design that will set the tone for client and bring ideas to life.

I oversee internal designers/editors in the development and execution of everything that falls under creative. We provide creative insights to clients on their existing assets and data from social media campaigns, conceptualizing ideas for new creative campaigns to test, executing and producing in collaboration with your team.

  • Working closely with the CEO and assigned team leaders.
  • Directly managing the team, keeping them on track and delivering on-schedule, and providing mentorship
  • Producing assets (images, videos, etc) from scratch for clients that can be run as ads on FB/Insta/Snapchat and can be used on landing pages on the client site, keeping in mind that it is all Direct Response.
  • Providing creative direction and insights to clients – such as what creative story is performing well for them, what isn’t and making recommendations to test new creative campaign ideas.
  • Developing original concepts, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, and bring ideas to life
  • Speaking passionately and clearly about the* brand strategy* with clients on topics such as logo redesign, commenting on their brand guide, helping their brand evolve overall and scale with their business
  • Working through operational challenges and putting in place a creative process that allows the team to do their best work
  • Involved in recruiting and hiring additional creative team members
  • Regularly reporting on creative performance and provide high-level metrics and takeaways.

The ideal clients require an experienced creative thinker at the highest level, but also understands the importance of execution of the smallest detail.

I welcome the opportunity to be of service.

TESTIMONIAL: 5-StarsI recommend Patrick Raymond to anyone serious about Branding effectively. – “Franco Colantiono”

“Patrick “Raymond is a Leadership Consultant – Inspirational Speaker and  Creative Facilitator.” 
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Patrick Raymond